The American Institute of Stress has found that an estimated 75 to 90 percent of visits to primary care physicians are for stress-related problems. Pressure, stress and anxiety are simply part of life. However, learning how to skillfully work with stress can help you stay in control of how it impacts your life.

Breon provides personalized support to help you work with stress and anxiety in new, empowering ways while helping you discover pathways to deeper wellness.


Breon offers private, one-on-one coaching services for individuals
seeking change and fulfillment in many areas of their lives. She also
focuses on specialty areas, including:

  • Young adults searching for a way to manage stress, clarify goals and make important life or career decisions
  • Women in transition, whether you are unfulfilled in your career, struggling with work/life balance or simply want support taking action on an important life goal
  • People who want to improve health and resilience through mindfulness practices, but don’t know how to get started


Breon also offers group programs for organizations and communities that aim to reduce stress, increase capacity and improve well-being. Through customized sessions, lunch and learns, and community events, Breon teaches:

  • Stress Reduction Toolkit for Leaders
  • Mindful Communication
  • Everyday Mindfulness: Enhance Focus, Clarity and Productivity

Her programs provide practical solutions for stress-reduction while
helping to elevate relationships, efficiency and performance.

Breon creates a safe, open environment tailored to your group’s needs. Her warm, energetic approach invokes insight, collaboration, and a clear plan for applying practices to work and life.

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