Renowned mindfulness teacher Jon Kabat-Zinn once said, “It’s the hardest work in the world to be who we actually are.” This saying is especially true when you struggle to stay connected to your deepest values and goals amidst the overwhelming demands of everyday life. Stress, fear, hurrying and worrying continuously pull you away from your center, leaving you imbalanced and at times stuck not living the life you want.

Breon offers private coaching services that minimize stress and maximize confidence for people in transitionShe’ll guide you through evidence-based practices to help you understand the source of your stress while restoring your ability to live with greater ease, balance and courage. Following on this wisdom, you’ll learn to move freely and confidently toward your goals, hopes and deepest aspirations. You will gain:

  • Confidence under pressure
  • Courage to pursue what matters to you
  • Clear thinking in the midst of uncertainty and change
  • Relief from stress, anxiety and tension
  • Creative insights
  • Focus and concentration
  • Calmness in the face of challenges
  • Restored energy

Recognize…the power within you.