If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.

As a mother of two, I can’t help but wonder if you:

  • Love being a mom, but also find it incredibly challenging.
  • Want to be attentive, loving, and patient, but spend most of your time distracted or rushed.
  • Yearn to feel calm, but often have a short fuse because you’re just. plain. tired.
  • Aspire to show up at your best – and when you don’t, guilt-trip yourself for being imperfect.
  • Deeply hope your children have what it takes to thrive, but often worry that you’re not doing enough of the “right” things

The good news is, there’s room for it all in motherhood.

With so much beyond your control, stress is a given. Where you have the greatest measure of control is over your own well-being. 

Have you noticed how much easier it is to relax, let go, and be playful and patient when your own cup is full? Isn’t it easier to navigate tantrums and to-do lists when you feel rested and centered? On the contrary, what happens when you’re depleted?

It wouldn’t be motherhood if you didn’t occasionally feel tired, frazzled, and edgy, but when you repeatedly feel off-kilter and spread too thin, your children (and spouse) can’t help but feel the ripples.

When it comes to maintaining a high-level of well-being, research shows that key skills, such as mindfulness, resilience, and self-compassion, make a big difference.

Our programs aim to teach mamas these vital skills in order to help you:

  • Be more present with the people you love
  • Pause before doing or saying something you’ll regret
  • Clarify and communicate your needs in order to feel empowered and supported
  • Quiet your inner critic and reduce mom guilt
  • Worry less and enjoy more
  • Recognize – and manage – stress in the moment, instead of letting it fester
  • Help your children develop minds, hearts, and brains that lead to a lifetime of thriving


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