Mindfulness: A Key to Less Stress & Optimal Wellness


Date: Wednesday, July 27
Time: 630-800 pm
Fees: $40

Location: Thrive Performance Training, Phoenix, AZ

Join us for an introductory class at Thrive Performance Training. Learn how mindfulness can optimize mind-body wellness, minimize stress, and quiet the relentless banter in your head that makes you feel way less capable than you actually are.

The class will include:

  • A brief overview of the science of mindfulness
  • A discussion on how mindfulness relieves stress, quiets self-judgment, and enhances purpose and meaning in life
  • Experiential mindfulness practices that help elicit calm, creativity, and mind-body connection
  • Practical strategies for applying mindfulness in daily life
  • A take-home guide that includes access to free mindfulness meditations


Class size is limited to 24 students, pre-registration is recommended.

To register via snail mail, mail a check to: 4902 E McDowell Rd #103b, Phoenix, AZ 85008

To register via Smartphone, download the Mind-Body Connect App, then search for Lee Gough’s Fitness Revolution and register for the class. 

You can also register in-person at the fitness center.


Breon Michel

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Mindfulness teacher, compassionate community leader, entrepreneur, writer, stress reduction aficionado, hope igniter, adventure seeker, mountain biker, devoted to others