Mindful Mothers Circle – An Online Learning Experience


Date: Soon!
Time: TBD
Fees: Introductory price: $79

Location: Online via Zoom Video Conferencing

An Online Learning Community that Draws on the Science of Mindfulness & Self-Compassion

In 4 consecutive weekly sessions, you’ll get:

  • Tools to calm your nervous system, focus your mind, & restore your energy
  • A safe circle of caring, courageous mothers with which to experience, learn, and apply mindfulness
  • Emotional support for dealing with maternal stressors & pressures
  • Parenting practices that help you respond to challenging situations with awareness, understanding and compassion (plus, not beat yourself up when you make a mistake)
  • Simple calming & focusing practices to do with your children and family

The Nitty-Gritty

Four 75-minute weekly sessions. For a sneak peek of the topics we’ll cover, click here.

Meetings take place over Zoom Video Conferencing. Session recordings will be made available if you need to miss.

Each week, you’ll receive a short, guided meditation & curated content to inspire your practice at home.

Small group atmosphere to create a safe & rich learning environment

Access to a private Facebook Group

Classes taught by an experienced mindfulness teacher, mother, and parenting educator

**You’ll have the option to continue Mindful Mothers Circle on a monthly, drop-in basis after the 4-week series. More info coming soon.

Join us!

Questions? Contact me.

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Who is MMC for?

  • Mothers who are tired of scrambling and surviving each day, and want support closing the gap between where they are and where they want to be, both in parenting and life.
  • Mothers who are curious about mindfulness / mindful parenting & prefer to learn alongside other mothers.
  • Mothers who want to feel well-resourced and supported when confronting stress, anxiety, and overwhelm.
  • Mothers who want to build a deeper connection to themselves and/or their children.
  • Mothers who want the comfort of learning at home in their pj’s. Messy hair, don’t care!

Why I created MMC

As a mother of two, I’ve experienced firsthand the effects of stress, overwhelm and burnout. In our always-on, never-enough culture, it’s easy to slip into doing more than we’re capable of – and, often, without near enough support. For this reason, I firmly believe that community is vital to a mother’s sanity, strength and well-being. This leaves us feeling more capable and empowered in the middle of challenging parenting situations and day-to-day life.

Please note: I did NOT create this program to tell you how to parent. In my experience, it’s clear that, deep down, mothers know how to parent their children. Even when we fumble our way through things, we still know how to parent!

Sometimes it’s helpful to consult an expert (or Google) for a shift in perspective, but mostly what we need are practices and a supportive, listening community to help quiet the doubts, fears, and racing thoughts that make it hard to think clearly.

What I appreciate about mindful, compassionate parenting is that it doesn’t sugarcoat how hard parenting can be. Nor does it focus exclusively on children – and all the additional things we need to do for them to become happy, healthy, well-rounded adults.

Mindfulness gives us permission to simultaneously take care of our children and ourselves. It’s a way to restore our energy so we have more energy to give. A way to bolster our strength so we have more strength upon which to draw. A way to know & trust ourselves to navigate this roller-coaster of a ride we call motherhood.




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