28-Day Mindfulness Challenge

Mindfulness Meditation

Date: February 1 - 28, 2015
Time: Now
Fees: Free

Location: Online via Phoenix Mindful Living Facebook Page

Mindfulness has been dubbed the new generation of exercise.

The research continues to stack up… Mindfulness has been shown to: reduce anxiety, promote focus, aid sleep, and boost our resilience. What’s more, mindfulness can facilitate positive change on a cellular level.

With outcomes like this, why isn’t everyone meditating?

For one thing, it can be daunting to get started. You might wonder, where will I find the time? How exactly do I meditate? Does it mean I have to light incense and wear a robe?

Have no fear… The point of the 28-Day Mindfulness Challenge is to provide practical support – and motivation – to help kick start a daily mindfulness practice…. to turn those relinquished hopes and sporadic practices into consistent, daily habits.

In short, the 28-day Mindfulness Challenge is designed to help you:

  • Build or re-build a consistent mindfulness practice by committing to a daily practice throughout the month of February (and hopefully beyond).
  • Enjoy the support and accountability of a safe, caring, and committed community. Cultivating awareness and compassion need not be a solo endeavor!
  • Share successes and challenges with likeminded people.

How to participate

  1. Join the community via Phoenix Mindful Living Facebook Page!
  2. Form an intention to practice mindfulness each day. What does it mean to practice, you might be wondering? There are formal practices, which are similar to scheduled fitness workouts, such as running on the treadmill for 20 minutes or working out with a personal trainer. These include times you purposefully set aside to do nothing other than practice mindfulness. Some examples include: awareness of breath, sound or body sensations, mindful walking or mindful yoga. If you want more support on how to establish a formal practice, see step 4. Just as important, there are infinite opportunities to practice mindfulness informally throughout your daily life. Consider all the things you may do on autopilot, such as eating, doing the dishes, folding clothes, and checking your phone, to name a few. Purposefully bringing a heightened level of awareness to these activities also counts as mindfulness practice.
  3. Participate in the discussion. Not mandatory, but highly encouraged! Sharing wins and challenges related to your practice can benefit the entire community – and keep you from feeling alone in your struggles. For instance: Unable to find the time? Tell the community! Successfully implemented 5 minutes of quiet time after lunch? Tell the community! Had a super restless mind this morning? Tell the community! After all, the whole point is to learn and grow together – to become more mindful as a community.
  4. Consider implementing these tips to get the most from the challenge.
    1. Find an accountability partner. Team up with a buddy, whether someone you do or don’t know to check-in with daily. Don’t hesitate to make a request on the event homepage!
    2. Read this blog for six simple steps on how to start a mindfulness practice.
    3. Schedule a private phone or Skype session with me. Maybe you’ve tried and failed and tried and failed at meditation. Working through these obstacles with a teacher can help you shift limiting beliefs about what it means to meditate. Gain a fresh perspective and see how truly possible it is to practice mindfulness meditation! Note: Discounted sessions will be offered during the month of February.



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