Mindful Tip #9: Driven by a False Sense of Urgency? Shift from Speed Up to Slow Down

Mindful Tip #9- slow down

I hurriedly put my son in his carseat, grabbed my purse, and flew out the front door to grandma’s house. Leaving our development, I glanced down at the speedometer to notice I was driving 10 mph over the speed limit. “Why am I rushing?” I asked myself. Suddenly I see that I’m racing to the supposed finish line for no apparent reason.

To be frank, this isn’t the first time I’ve caught myself operating on a false sense of urgency. And by false sense of urgency, I mean a misguided sense of urgency that makes me feel frantic, scattered, and worried. Even though I’m not responding to an emergency, nor in most cases am I late, I can reflexively approach my day in life-and-death mode if I’m not paying careful attention.

Do you know about this, too?

While go-mode may invoke a rush of energy that makes us feel more accomplished, it can also undermine our effectiveness. How so, you might be wondering? First, our hyper-focus on where we’re headed crowds out our focus on the present moment, which means we’re more apt to make mistakes or forget things. Also, while rushing might be our way of coping with the anxiety we feel, it only fuels the flame that keeps us caught in the cycle.

See if you can become curious about rushing, noticing if you’re doing it out of necessity or habit. Discerning if go-mode is necessary can free us from the rat race, and ultimately slow down the rush of misguided anxiety.

Breon Michel

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