Mindful Tip #3: When the Body is Aroused, Shift from Annoyance to Appreciation

Tiger for Mindful Tip #3

Yesterday, I blogged about how normal and human it is to feel anxious. Whether we’re hit with jitteriness upon waking or racing thoughts at 3 am, our systems are designed to survey the scene for potential threats to our survival.

This is where it gets interesting…. Most of the situations that jar us nowadays are not direct threats to our survival. Whether we’re alarmed by an ambiguous email from our boss or gridlocked traffic en route to pick up a child, the body’s fight or flight response cranks on as if it’s running from a tiger in the savanna. All systems go.

On the one hand, it can be annoying – and yes, harmful over time – to feel like a nervous ball of energy all the time. Yet, before we go too far down the path of annoyance, why not stop to consider how miraculous it is that our bodies are designed to keep us safe and protected from harm? How else would we know to scurry out of the way of a moving car? It’s this very basic response to threat that keeps us alive.

The next time your body jumps into arousal mode, how about taking a moment to thank it for keeping you safe? From there, you can decide if it’s a situation that truly threatens your survival, and therefore calls for continued activation.


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