Mindful Tip #25: Am I Doing Enough? Shift from Chasing a Better Tomorrow to Seizing Meaning Today

Mindful Tip 25 Meaning and Mindfulness

Did you know that we think around 12,000-50,000 thoughts per day? Kind of an outrageous number (and range), don’t you think? Even more fascinating is that around 90% of our thoughts are the same.

“I need to do more. I haven’t done enough. How am I going to get it all done? I’m so behind. I should really stay another hour to finish this.” Can you relate to this repetitive thought stream? I sure can.

When I’m not paying attention, this outpouring of thoughts clouds my vision and drives a sense of maddening, incessant worry. Not to mention, I feel inadequate and unaccomplished.

You might be thinking, “Yeah, but what if these thoughts are true?”

I can’t answer that question for you. I only know that for me, when the dense fog lifts, I suddenly awaken to everything I’m doing – for my beloved family, for the really cool people I have the privilege to teach, for organizations and communities, even for my(self-care). And this isn’t to toot my horn, it’s just to say, “Whoa, I really am doing a lot. I really am doing the best I can.”

How about you (try to be as objective as possible, please)… when’s the last time you stepped back from the throes of your life and looked at everything you do – big and small – to keep others (and hopefully yourself) afloat? Whether you’re a parent and/or grandparent, homemaker, entrepreneur, organizational leader, health professional, the list goes on. And nothing says you need an official title or role for it to count.

Seeing the valuable ways we contribute to the world can cut-through feelings of not-enoughness, and can quiet a persistent sense of incompleteness. Amidst the crazy, busy lives we lead, we need to pause periodically to register moments where our lives matter.

So, before you jump ahead to tomorrow’s to-do’s, might you acknowledge what you’ve done today? And perhaps what others have done for you, too? Did anything surprise you or touch your heart? When you see the way your life matters today, just maybe you’ll feel less inclined to keep chasing a better tomorrow.

Breon Michel

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