Mindful Tip #1: Shift from “What If” to “What Is”


I take a seat to do my morning meditation. Ten minutes in, I discover how crazy busy my mind is. Filled with thoughts about what I need to get done, who I need to follow-up with, and whether I have the energy to take on the day ahead, my body is flooded with anxiety. Then I discover that I’m tired. Really tired. Once again, my mind races, “Will I be able to get everything done?” I identify with this story for a moment – that I’m too tired, that I don’t have what it takes to get it all done. And then I realize it’s just that – a “story.” Something I’m telling myself that isn’t necessarily true. And so I come back to what is true in this very moment: my breath rising and falling in my belly, the birds singing their morning song, my dogs rustling in the room nearby. Coming back to the present moment, I feel comforted and safe, knowing that I don’t have to get lost in the world of “what if’s”. I don’t have to over-think the future, it will all be there when I finish. And then I can approach the day ahead with freshness and clarity.

When you notice “what if” thinking, see if you can gently bring yourself back to “what is.” There is unwavering freedom in the present moment.

Breon Michel

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Mindfulness teacher, compassionate community leader, entrepreneur, writer, stress reduction aficionado, hope igniter, adventure seeker, mountain biker, devoted to others

2 Responses to “Mindful Tip #1: Shift from “What If” to “What Is””

  1. Sherry Morgan

    I’m looking forward to your daily tip and am so glad you are doing this.

    • Breon

      Thank you for stopping by, Sherry! I’m happy you’ll be participating in our discussion.