Introducing the Mama Well-being Series

Mama Well-being

In the coming months, I’ll discuss a topic I’ve noodled over for quite some time: Mama Well-being.

As a mother of two little people, I’ve come to realize that mom life is no joke! It’s amazing how much pressure there is on moms to look and feel a certain way…. Not to mention, have it all figured out – from having the right stroller to knowing what to do when your child refuses to go #2 on the toilet to deciding if/when it makes sense to go back to work.  While it’s true that challenges in the early years eventually go away, there will always be new (and old) challenges in parenting – and life!

My point is, motherhood can be stressful, leading to lots of self-judgment, over-thinking, and the thing we’re all intimately familiar with — mom guilt.

In hanging out with mamas over the years, I see a huge need – and opportunity! – for moms to learn skills that quiet incessant mind chatter, create more joy and confidence, and relieve stress and anxiety.

In the end, this is about wanting for ourselves what we want most for our children – peace and happiness, resilience and confidence. The best part is that research shows when mamas commit to maintaining a high-level of emotional well-being, children benefit enormously. Not only does this build a closer mama-child connection, but our children also learn essential skills for thriving, such as self-control and empathy, when we model them! #winwin+winforourworld

At any rate, you might wonder how greater well-being is possible (if you can’t go to the spa or yoga everyday) or why it’s a sensible use of the little time you have (#showeringisachallenge).

These are just a few of the topics I’ll explore in the Mama Well-being Series — and hopefully with your help! It would be wonderful to include your voice in the comment section below, giving all the mamas who stop by a chance to learn from your stories and questions!

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Next up in the series. Mama Wellbeing: What It Is & 4 Ways to Build It. 

Be well, mamas.

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