Use mindfulness to see clearly

Healthy Habits Anyone? Start with Mindfulness!

Many habits are just that, habits. Practices or mindsets we engage in reflexively, without thinking twice. Habits can be productive, counterproductive or both. For example, a mindset habit of “finish…

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Looking for Creativity? Slow Down!

This article was originally published on Positive Psychology News Daily When do you have your greatest insights? Do they arrive when you’re intensely focused on a goal or solution? Or,…

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Navigating Vulnerability

I take the test, pull the bathroom door shut behind me, and head to the kitchen to do dishes. I douse the sponge in blue soap as I think feverishly…

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Transformation through compassion

Is Compassion Soft and Wimpy?

A young mother who lost her child in the Newtown shooting last December chose to act with compassion in the aftermath of this devastating tragedy. She lit 28 candles at…

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Can't stop the waves can learn to surf

A Buoy for Rough Waters

You can’t stop the waves but you can learn to surf. —Jon Kabat-Zinn Challenge is a mere fact of life. Our only choice is to find a stable source of…

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