Red origami cranes flying away from hands

Letting Go of Unhelpful Thoughts

“Just throw away all thoughts of imaginary things, and stand firm in that which you are.” -Kabir Thoughts are both a blessing and a curse. They can engender hope and creativity…

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Looking for Creativity? Slow Down!

This article was originally published on Positive Psychology News Daily When do you have your greatest insights? Do they arrive when you’re intensely focused on a goal or solution? Or,…

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Can't stop the waves can learn to surf

A Buoy for Rough Waters

You can’t stop the waves but you can learn to surf. —Jon Kabat-Zinn Challenge is a mere fact of life. Our only choice is to find a stable source of…

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Mindfulness of sunset

Stop Overthinking, Start Living

Shades of pink and purple fan the evening sky as the sun sets on a warm summer day. Glancing at the horizon, you think to yourself, “How beautiful, I can’t…

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