Stay True to Yourself Amid Holiday Hubbub

During the holidays, let alone any time of year, it’s easy to consume ourselves with what others are doing. We unconsciously compare (and compete), wondering if what we’re doing is…

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A Tribute to Ruby

We said goodbye to a dear family member a few weeks ago. Ruby, our fluffy, red, huge-hearted Golden Retriever, was with us for 11 years – through moves, babies, and…

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Waking Up to Goodness

I was reminded at a class over the weekend with James Baraz that gratitude is a source of deep contentment and well-being. It’s such a gift to be able to…

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Red origami cranes flying away from hands

Letting Go of Unhelpful Thoughts

“Just throw away all thoughts of imaginary things, and stand firm in that which you are.” -Kabir Thoughts are both a blessing and a curse. They can engender hope and creativity…

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self compassion for parents

Self-Compassion & Parenting

I’m going on record to say that one of the greatest parenting challenges (and opportunities) is to develop self-compassion. The way we get down on ourselves about everything from yelling…

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peaceful space

Creating Your Space for Peace

This blog originally appeared on Diane Pruitt’s website, A Peaceful Space. Diane is a Serenity Designer and President of A Peaceful Space Inc. I hope you enjoy Diane’s nuanced perspective…

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