A Year-End Reflection: Catalyzing Wisdom & Possibility for the New Year


In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer. Albert Camus

As you journey through the last few days of the year, it’s helpful to set aside time in your busy life to rest and reflect.

Living into the wistful winter season, we can give ourselves over to the still, quiet place inside that yearns for a little more airtime. The place that is a boundless source of wholeness, wisdom, and strength.

May the following reflection serve to awaken these innate capacities.

[Note to reader: Read the entire reflection to get a sense of what it entails. Stop and start as desired, but try to do it at a time and place that lends itself to uninterrupted reflection. Choose questions that have the most resonance. Do it on a date night or with a group of friends. Journal about your responses. Let your responses flow freely, without judgment or preference. If the voice of judgment arises (ie. You’ll never be able to do that!), quietly thank her and go back to expressing yourself openly and spontaneously.]


Now, as you begin, take a few moments to settle in. Feel your body sitting and breathing. Getting a sense of how you are in this moment as you scan from head to toe. As much as you’re able, let everything be just as it is.

From this place of caring, open presence, you can begin to reflect on what lies behind you…

Who or what touched your heart this past year? From the ordinary to the extraordinary, what left you feeling full, wondrous, appreciative? Can you relive the memories as if they’re happening now?

What has this past year taught you? What do you know about yourself that you didn’t know 11+ months ago? Was there something you accomplished or overcame that you didn’t think possible? Was there a time you found that there was, within you, an invincible summer?

What does this say about you? Your capacity to handle adversity, courage to let go, or patience with uncertainty. Can you see that this capacity is also here right now?

What do you know about where you are right now…what you’re feeling, sensing, or thinking? Allow it all to spring forth fluidly and naturally. What is it that you most want?

As you look to the days and weeks that lie ahead, what do you hope to realize? Healing, health, forgiveness, a closer relationship, to break ground on a longstanding idea.

What longs to be fully expressed in you? Can you allow yourself to sense that this is happening now.

As the reflection comes to a close, take some moments to feel the spacious breath. Feeling into the resonance of this reflection.


May all beings embrace the wisdom that lives and breathes inside.

Breon Michel

About Breon

Mindfulness teacher, compassionate community leader, entrepreneur, writer, stress reduction aficionado, hope igniter, adventure seeker, mountain biker, devoted to others

2 Responses to “A Year-End Reflection: Catalyzing Wisdom & Possibility for the New Year”

  1. Darlene Phoebe

    A lovely piece. Some wonderful thought provoking reflective questions that we all need to pay attention to. Will definitely re-read.

    • Breon

      I’m touched by your feedback, Dar! I like your point about coming back to the questions…. It seems like we can all stand to consciously reconnect with parts of ourselves (and others) that are wholesome, wise, and innately good. Wishing you and your loved ones a joy-filled holiday and New Year!